tonus (2014)
for violin, cello and electronics (12 min.) View score

commissioned by impuls for the Schallfeld Ensemble

tonus is "the constant low-level activity of a body tissue, especially muscle tone" (New Oxford American Dictionary), an internally active calmness, out of which arises a reduced texture in the violin. Both the violin and the violoncello are amplified to an extreme level, making audible minute sounds which would otherwise be hidden inside the instruments. The amplification is getting more and more out of control and what was once amplified is now distorted beyond recognition.

Ensemble KNM Berlin

Theodor Flindell, violin
Cosima Gerhardt, violoncello
Andreas Bartetzki, sound engineer
Martin Hiendl, electronics

first performance by Schallfeld Ensemble in Graz, Austria
November 8th, 2014 | Text im Klang (Minoritensäle)
impuls. Verein zur Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik

further performances by Ensemble KNM Berlin

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