Jedes Wort ist Musik
published in MusikTexte 159 - November 2018

Sein, wie wir sein wollen. Lose Gedanken zum Gesamtkunstwerk
published in MusikTexte 154 - August 2017

editorial work for John Cage/Morton Feldman: Radio Happenings
published by MusikTexte Verlag 2015

Welche Objektivität?
published in Frankfurt im Takt WS 2015/16

Medienrevolution und Neuer Konzeptualismus
published in MusikTexte 145 - May 2015

Ein andauerndes Jetzt. Roger Reynolds im Gespräch
published in MusikTexte 142 - August 2014

Fausto Romitelli: "An Index of Metals" A compositional analysis. (2012, German)
Analysis of Fausto Romitelli's compositional strategies and behaviors in his hour-long video opera.

Traces Through Time (2011)
Developments in Edgard Varèse’s essential material in "Hyperprism", "Intégrales" and "Déserts".

Liberating the signs. John Cage's "Concert for Piano and Orchestra" (2010)
Depiction as content, or: From absolute music to absolute depiction.

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