microphase 1_(100/100.5/101ms,900it) (2017)
Fixed media

composed for a choreography by Julian Weber

microphase 1_(100/100.5/101ms,900it) is an investigation into the phasing of samplers on a micro-level. 3 piano samples of 100, 100.5 and 101 milliseconds, panned center, left and right, are continuously looped, while the read-point of the samplers is incrementally changing and wrapped around the sampling window, so that each sampler returns to read-point 0 after 900 iterations. One cycle of the 3 samples without the read-point interpolation is 33 minutes and 50.1 seconds. The phasing of all processes involved results in a cycle of 21 days, 3 hours, 31 minutes and 30 seconds until the texture starts repeating itself.

microphase 1_(100/100.5/101ms,900it) is dedicated to composer Wojtek Blecharz. Listen to the first cycle with a 60 second fade-out (headphones recommended). 

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