still|arriving (ongoing)
for piano, electronics and staging

ongoing collaboration with Clemens Hund-Göschel and Claudia Doderer

still|arriving is an evening length piano solo. But not just a piano solo. The piano is the center of a staged solo performance that liquefies performer and audience stabilities. In addition to the piano there are other locations situated in the space allowing both the performer and the audience to move freely among them, allowing for encounters that locate still|arriving somewhere between concert, conversation, theater and performance and that liquefy and intermingle expectations of each of these formats. Am I addressed? Am I audience or partner? Is it an invitation and how am I supposed to understand it?

Two fundamental – and fundamentally different – space-temporalities are present in still|arriving: the standstill (still) and the movement towards standstill (arriving); moments of stability, pausing, standstill – and moments of searching. While the music repeats simple, repetitive structures for several minutes, something else in the space opens up: a light changes, it starts raining or a window is being smashed. Or: The staging withdraws and we listen to the long arches in the music, reflected only in the lines of the installation. 

still|arriving is an unstable space, a broken promise, a claim without a backing – precisely a theatrical space – and therefore it tries to conceive the format of the piano solo beyond music in the theatrical reality of its performativity.

© 2016 Brendan Dougherty

© 2016 Brendan Dougherty