Alles beginnt immer jetzt (2017)
for cello and electronics (12 min.) View score excerpt

written in close collaboration with and for Lester St. Louis

Alles beginnt immer jetzt (German for: "Everything begins always now") is inspired by the idea of parametric folding in architecture—wherein the difference between base and structure, figure and ground—or in the musical context: form and content—are eliminated by interference modelings of the two (called 'folding'), a constant renegotiating of one through the other, seeing base and structure as densifications in the same gradient field. I used concatenative synthesis to translate the idea of folding into music by playing small snippets of prerecorded sound through itself again and again, folding it over itself, resulting in a kind of digital disintegration process. The same snippets were the basis for the musical material present in the score but compositionally developed into different directions. Thanks to Lester St. Louis for being so generous with his time and ideas during the entire process.

performed by Lester St. Louis

New York, USA
December 2nd, 2017 | ISSUE Project Room

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